Thursday, November 5th

As Ever, Stan

As Ever, Stan - 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
Set in rural Illinois, a new mother prepares for the most important day of her life, the day her husband returns from WWII. A true story.
Student Filmmaker

The Day My Parents Became Cool

When the one-thousand-year comet crosses the night sky, every teenager's worst nightmare comes to life - a brave new world where every single adult on the planet wants to be cool.
Northwest Filmmaker

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes - 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
A pair of red heels can cause a battle between an Asian bride-to-be and her mom...
Student Filmmaker


After four years of friendship, Charlie decides that tonight is the night that he expresses his love to Sylvia.

True Beauty This Night

Last night, Rhett Somers met the love of his life. Now all he has to do is convince her she's the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met...

The Nine-Thirty

The nine-thirty appointment at a psychiatric halfway house leaves us wondering who's more in need of help -- the patient or the doctor.
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