Film Lineup Announced for Best of Lakedance in San Pedro

San Pedro, CA – 12 total independent films from three countries including four award-winning feature-length films will screen in San Pedro May 28-29, 2009 at a small theater near Cabrillo Beach, as the Lakedance International Film Festival has just announced its film lineup for the “Best of Lakedance”.

The four feature films, “Fat Stupid Rabbit”, “War Eagle, Arkansas”, “Jackson”, and “Radio Cape Cod” all are multiple award-winners from various festivals, and all took home Soaring Eagle Awards from the 2008 Lakedance.

“Fat Stupid Rabbit”, a subtitled dramedy from Russia, will open the event at 5:30PM May 28th, telling the tale of Arcady, an aging actor in recently post-communist Russia who dreams of playing King Lear, but has been forced to play “Rabbit” in a children’s show for ten years. The feature will screen with two short films, also winners from the ’08 Lakedance, “00:05’01” a sci-fi short from USC alumni Brian Winterton, and “Maro”, a tale that weaves time, love and death by Michael P. Tedford.

May 28th will close with the 8:30PM showing of “War Eagle, Arkansas”, a dramedy about a small town baseball pitcher’s offer for a scholarship to college, but doing so would mean leaving his girlfriend, family, and best friend “Wheels”. This film also stars Brian Dennehy and Mary Kay Place. It will also screen with “Mail Call”, a short about a military family and their dealing with the Iraq war, and “Rabia”, a unique look at the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in which a woman desires to end her life as a suicide bomber, but struggles with her conscience.

May 29th opens at 5:30PM with “Radio Cape Cod”, a light romance feature film about the love affairs surround a small town on the east coast. Also screening is the touching short film “Raising Lucy”, the true story of a woman who finds a gosling and decides to raise her and coach her to fly, and “Patience” a short from the UK that shows exactly why we shouldn’t be judgmental or jealous of other people.

The event closes Friday night at 8:30PM with “Jackson” the audience-award winning feature film, about two homeless people in Los Angeles who are given a $20 bill and decide to spend it all in one day’s joyride… but their day doesn’t turn out how quite how they expect. Written and directed by J.F. Lawton, original writer of “Pretty Woman” and creator of television series, “V.I.P”, this film fuses comedy and drama with an operatic underlying storyline that tells the plight of the homeless in LA. Short films included in this film block are “Dance, Dance, Baby!”, a comedy by USC grad Laura Black, about an acting audition gone wrong, and “Wedding Jimmy” a sexy comedy by accomplished actress Lisa Pescia.

As many as 9 of the films will be represented by directors, stars, and crew of the movies, and some will do Q&A’s following their screening, allowing you to dive deeper into their film and ask questions about making them.

All films are rated PG13 by the festival, tickets are available through the website at for $8 for one film block or $24 for a pass to all four. Also part of the event are two workshops that will explain “Making Movies for Fun and Profit” and “The Secrets of Entering Film Festivals”, as taught by festival director Trevor Greenfield with appearances from filmmakers of the event, those tickets are $25 each.