Frequent Flyer

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Frequent Flyer - 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
Frequent Flyer - 2009 Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
Frequent Flyer - 2009 Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
Director Gabriel Leigh - 2009 Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
Frequent Flyer Behind the Scenes - 2009 Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
This documentary is about frequent flyer miles, the people who earn them obsessively, and the world of airports and airplanes that they inhabit.
World Premiere
Student Filmmaker
Gabriel Leigh
Gabriel Leigh
Gabriel Leigh

A look at the world of frequent flyer miles and some of its most enthusiastic participants, this documentary examines how miles and points have become an important world currency and, in turn, an obsession for those who have figured out ways to earn them in the millions. The film charts the filmmaker's own discovery of miles while introducing some of the top mileage experts in the world, most of them found on the website, a central online hub for people in pursuit of miles.

The creator of flyertalk and self-professed 'mileage guru' Randy Petersen explains the concept of 'mileage runs', or, trips 'that you take for no other reason than to simply build up an additional inventory of frequent flyer miles,' while Cleveland-based entrepreneur Steve Belkin talks about how he's created business ventures out of mileage accrual. Travel writer and essayist Pico Iyer discusses the world of airports that the frequent flyer comes to live significant portions of their life in--and what it is about taking to the air that we find so appealing.

As the filmmaker surpasses one million lifetime miles with one major airline, we begin to wonder--why this constant pursuit of miles, and to what end? It's a relevant question even for the non-miles addict. As Pico Iyer says, 'I think of the twenty-first century as the century in which more and more people, especially the young, are living in the metaphorical equivalent of an airport passageway.'

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