Pascal, about fifty, turned the back in his past of delinquent. Today, he aspires only to the tranquillity and works as worker in building on the renovation of the wakefulness house in the campaign. When Kevin, young person in galley, tumbles one morning and asks him for the work, Pascal sees re-appearing his old devils.

Sun Up

Sun Up - 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
Set in late 19th century California, Sun Up is a film about a young rancher's struggle to maintain his dignity at a price that may cost him his life.
Student Filmmaker

Bernie Waldoff Investment Securities IOU Capital

Bernie Waldoff, of Bernie Waldoff Investment Securities IOU Capital, receives a surprise visit from the Securities Exchange Commission, SEC, and he scrambles to make sure that his company appears legit as to not raise any suspicion.

The Predator's Return

What if the newest resident of your nursing home was the same Nazi officer that murdered your entire family 60 years earlier?
Northwest Filmmaker


An agoraphobic musician, Dullis Overby, finds the cure for all of his problems in a relationship with confrontational conceptual artist Avel Soleil, until she creates an art piece out of his deepest fears.
Student Filmmaker

When the Voices Fade

Can a chance for love survive the choking hatred that feeds an endless political dilemma?
Student Filmmaker

Voor Een Dubbeltje... (A Penny For...)

Time stops for no one, or does it ? A gentleman tramp, more confused than decayed, tries to find his way through the streets of Amsterdam ... and time.

You're a Good Man, Antimin

in a dystopian state, long after the nuclear wars have erased mankind's memory of the past, NEW SOCIETY has created an ordered state based on the ideals of social darwinism.ANTIMIN is one cog in the bureaucratic machine of NEW SOCIETY and by studying this one man we begin to see both his world, and our own, for what it truly is.

We are all here

We Are All Here - 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
This is a story about the earth we live. This is not deal with a funny subject. So, I make effort to freewheel about taking on the issue of Global Warming.
Student Filmmaker

My Movie Girl

A romantically challenged cinephile learns that love is far more complicated than it's portrayed in the movies. When he tries to recreate the most romantic night of his life on film, his longtime crush refuses to play her part.
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