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This poignant, uplifting documentary about Seattle-based chamber music organization, Music of Remembrance (MOR)
Northwest Filmmaker

It Must Be in the Water

It Must Be in the Water- 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
As a kindly, middle-aged Jewish man comes to grips with his son's breaking of tradition, he learns he is not alone.
Idaho Filmmaker
North Idaho Filmmaker
Northwest Filmmaker

Time in the Minors

Trying to make it in the fiercely competitive world of professional baseball can make or break you.
Idaho Filmmaker
Northwest Filmmaker

Snow Bunny

Tensions build and tempers flair as an ordinary American family tries to connect over the course of one long winter day. Get your boots on, bunny!

Little Dove

Set in the 17th century, A young Apache girl falls in love with a Comanche warrior, but there love is forbiden. They find that the spirit of love is forever.


A simple phone causes lives to become 'unmaid'.
Idaho Filmmaker
Northwest Filmmaker

The Day My Parents Became Cool

When the one-thousand-year comet crosses the night sky, every teenager's worst nightmare comes to life - a brave new world where every single adult on the planet wants to be cool.
Northwest Filmmaker

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes - 2009 Movies - Lakedance Film Festival, Sandpoint Idaho
A pair of red heels can cause a battle between an Asian bride-to-be and her mom...
Student Filmmaker


After four years of friendship, Charlie decides that tonight is the night that he expresses his love to Sylvia.
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